A Water Filtration System Will Help Keep You Hydrated and Healthy

Drinking water is essential for good health and wellness. And water that is free of unpleasant tastes, odors, particles, and additives is simply more appealing to drink than the unfiltered variety that flows from your tap. At American Home Design, we’re very familiar with the water quality in Knoxville, Tennessee, and we’re proud to be an authorized dealer of RainSoft home water purification systems. Allow us to install a RainSoft water purifier in your home, and you will drink more water—we’re sure of it!

If your water is supplied by a municipality, you can rest assured that it is treated before it reaches your home and that it is safe for your consumption. Even so, water that meets federal safety standards can still be quite unpalatable. Think about it: When you’re thirsty at home, are you inclined to fill your glass with something other than tap water? Maybe you typically reach for a sugary soda. Or perhaps you’re constantly buying water packaged in wasteful plastic bottles. Either way, you can benefit from installing a RainSoft water filtration system, which will allow you to enjoy a delicious, refreshing drink of water straight from your kitchen tap anytime you like.

Additional Benefits of a Drinking Water Filter System

After a premium RainSoft water filtration system is installed in your home, the tap water in your glass will taste noticeably better, and so will all of the foods and beverages that you prepare with it. Your RainSoft water purifier will also help you:

  • Save money by quenching your thirst with the water that runs from your faucet instead of purchasing unhealthy substitutes or bottled water
  • Protect the environment by reducing the number of disposable beverage containers that end up in landfills
  • Benefit from using high-quality water for other household purposes, such as feeding pets, filling aquariums, watering plants, and more

If you’d like, your water filtration system can be plumbed to your refrigerator’s water line to create a refreshing water and ice oasis in your kitchen. Having a readily available source of great-tasting water will help you stay hydrated and change the way you think about your tap water. And because all RainSoft water purification systems are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, you can change your thinking for good.

Are you interested in purchasing a RainSoft water filtration system, such as the Ultrefiner II, for your home in Knoxville, TN? Contact American Home Design today. We’re a local authorized dealer of RainSoft drinking water systems.

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