A RainSoft QRS Whole-House Water Filtration System Will Solve Your Household Water Problems

The RainSoft QRS whole-house water filtration system will solve the unique problems in your home’s water supply. What kind of problems? In many areas of the U.S., including Knoxville, Tennessee, metals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are naturally present in the groundwater. Also, as the water flows through the earth to reach your home, it can take on additional impurities that were left behind in the soil after certain agricultural, industrial, and residential activities.

Furthermore, if your water is supplied by a municipality, it is likely being treated with chlorine to ensure that it is safe to drink. That’s a good thing. However, once the disinfection process is complete, the chlorine remains in the water, even though it is no longer necessary. All of these factors can affect how your water looks, tastes, and smells—and not in a good way.

Features of the Best Whole-House Water Filter

Are you interested in improving your water? The RainSoft QRS carbon filtration system is up to the task. Consider its innovative features:

  • Tank-inside-tank construction — A rugged filtration tank is wound with miles of glass filament that encases a secondary tank composed of sanitary plastic to ensure your drinking water never touches the interior fiberglass surface.
  • Superior filter media — Choose between HYSULEX™ and SUPER HYSULEX™ activated carbon, both of which are manufactured to be cleaner and stronger than industry-standard carbons.
  • Testing and certification by third parties — The QRS is tested and certified by independent experts to confirm that it effectively eliminates chlorine, VOCs, and other contaminants. It is also backed by RainSoft’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

A Customized Solution

The RainSoft QRS whole-house water filtration system can be fully customized to target the specific contaminants, imbalances, particles, and other impurities found in your home’s water supply. This is the best way to ensure that only fresh, clean water flows from your faucets. In fact, you will see a dramatic improvement in the water you use every day.

If you’d like to learn more, contact American Home Design today. We are an authorized RainSoft dealer serving customers in Knoxville, TN.

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