The RainSoft Ultrefiner II Is an Under-Sink Water Filter That Provides Bottle-Quality Water—Without the Bottle

With RainSoft’s Ultrefiner II under-sink water filter, you can enjoy pure, refreshing drinking water at any time. All you have to do is turn on your kitchen tap. Available through American Home Design, an authorized RainSoft dealer serving homeowners in Knoxville, Tennessee, the Ultrefiner II is a highly sophisticated reverse osmosis water filter that provides multiple lines of defense to protect the drinking water you rely on at home.

How Does the Ultrefiner II Work?

First, the water is forced through a pre-filter cartridge to remove particles, tastes, and odors. The filtered water is then squeezed through a spiral-wound, semi-permeable membrane, where it is filtered on a molecular level. At that point, the water is transferred to a storage tank, where it will remain untouched until you’re ready to use it. Finally, when you turn on your tap, the highly filtered water is passed through a post-filter before being dispensed—fresh and clean—through your faucet.

After your RainSoft under-sink water filtration system is installed in your home, the tap water in your glass will taste noticeably better, and so will the foods and beverages you prepare with it. Water is the most frequently used ingredient in meal preparation, and you’ll taste the difference every time you add water from your RainSoft reverse osmosis water filter.

More Than Better-Tasting Water

In addition to a convenient source of fresh and delicious drinking water, a RainSoft under-sink water filter is:

  • More economical than buying bottled water
  • More convenient than purchasing and carrying bottled water home from a store or scheduling deliveries
  • Kind to the environment by reducing the number of plastic bottles that end up in landfills
  • Able to effectively remove minuscule and dissolved contaminants and impurities that slip through less sophisticated water filtration systems

The Ultrefiner II is certified to meet the performance standards established by NSF International and the Water Quality Association. And, like all RainSoft water treatment systems, it is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

If you are interested in adding a convenient source of high-quality drinking water to your home in Knoxville, TN, contact American Home Design today to inquire about the RainSoft Ultrefiner II.

“Mr. Jeff was extremely helpful with making sure my water system was working properly and that the quality of water we were getting was safe.”

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